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French High School students raise funds for Lao Education project !


The Nour association is a humanitarian association, created in 2018 by three students who were in their second year of economic CPGE at the Berthollet high school in Annecy in Haute-Savoie. They were committed to helping disadvantaged children in Africa. The name "Nour", which means light in Arabic, was chosen in part to pay tribute to their origins, but above all because the initial project was to subsidize the creation of a school in Morocco. Although this project was too complicated for a fledgling association to carry out, Safia, Inès and Sami nevertheless managed, in parallel with the administrative creation of the association, to raise funds to send a Playstation to a Moroccan hospital for children suffering from cancer. This year, four of us have taken over this association, and we want to continue these humanitarian projects, while not forgetting the actions we can do to improve the lives of the people around us. 


We have four positions, Annie Taylor the president, Coline Bernard the secretary, Anders Bertrand the treasurer and Louise Ricard is in charge of communication.  


This year we focused our activities on the new partnership created with NK English school. Our support is primarily financial, which is why we have used part of the association's membership to enable this school to develop. In December, we organized a tombola to enable us to send English textbooks to Nk English school. In February, we started our collection, which is still going on, to enable high school and preparatory students to get involved by donating school supplies to Laotian school children.


This association is still young and we hope that it will grow and expand further while strengthening the links with Melissa Lansmant's Nk Seeds association.

Why is education important to you?

Having the chance to study at a prestigious school in France, we are sensitive to the educational cause, because we would like all children in the world to have the opportunity to choose their studies and professions as we have the opportunity to do. As we have the opportunity to study and take charge of our future, it seems important to us that Laotian children should also be able to do so, in order to help the development of their country as well as their personal development.


How do you see this partnership in LongTerm?

Although the members of our association change every year, we would like this partnership to continue. We are very keen on this education project, so we want to continue sending money and school supplies every year to support NK English School in the long term. 


What message would you like to share?

By helping the school, we want to show that it is possible, despite the distance, the studies we are involved in and our limited means, to provide support to people in need. Every gesture counts and can make a difference, and we hope to show this through our actions, and to rally people to help our cause.


What made you want to be part of the project?

Although our means are low, we want to help people, especially children, who are in need as directly as possible. The association NK english school first allowed us to overcome the barrier of distance, but also to have an interlocutor in the field to have a better reality of the situation and the use of our funds.

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