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Yaelle, Lea, Florine and Clemence created a crowdfunding campaign spread across social media for NK English school. While fundraising NK English School developed into NK Seeds to include a second Environmental branch. This was set up to tackle waste and sustainability issues and increased the need for funds. The friends not only raised over  500 euros for NK Seeds but also money for school supplies.

What inspired you to become involved with the organization NK SEEDS?

"When we discovered the new Environmental branch we were even more motivated to come ! It allowed us to work on English and Environmental  aims and that’s very rewarding."

What’s been your favorite part about campaigning?

"What we loved the most while crowdfunding, was obviously getting  money ahah! It meant that our efforts to get people contributing to our fundraising pot  were working!"


Why is education important to you?

"Education is a real challenge for rural areas. Give children access to education comes down to giving them an opening to the world and have more choice for their future, particularly for girls."


cagnotte leetchi.jpeg

Their Journey to Laos!

"Our wish to travel all together started a year ago. We looked for a humanitarian project and we found NK Seeds on Facebook.

When we knew we were going to Nong Khiaw, we created a crowdfunding campaign to bring something more than just our time. We wanted to use  part of the money to buy school supplies, and the rest for project priorities

Therefore, we launched our campaign on Leetchi, almost 5 months before our arrival. It may seem a long time in advance but  it gave us time to talk about the project to our friends and family. We also shared it on almost all social networks : Facebook, Instagram, and even Linkedin.

During these 5 months, we had 32 contributions, which allowed us to raise 510 euros. For us, it was important to let our friends know that 2 euros is still an important contribution and each contribution helps to build the project step by step

Moreover, some friends and family gave us lots of materials such notebooks, pens, eraser, color pencils…

These 5 months were long but so rewarding to see our aims to get involved realised  enabling it to grow."

4 friends provide an entire school with school supplies




Hello ! I’m Léa, I come from France and more precisely from Tours,  After graduating my DUT, I went to Lille for my Licence and Master, it’s at that moment that I met my crew :Florine, Clémence and Yaëlle.
Why am I here ? I always wanted to have a gap year, to travel and be part of projects I could probably never do again when my studies gonna be over. After a semester in Glasgow, I knew it was the perfect moment for that experience, it was also the last moment as I’m doing a master.
Why this project ? The aim of my travel was to meet new cultures but first and fore most be part of a humanitarian project. Education has always been important to me, I think we can change a lot by knowledge and skill exchange. I was very grateful to find NK seeds, the aim of the project perfectly fits my expectations.
I’m also very lucky to have friends who share the same values ! So we could organise our trip together.



Sabaidee! I’m Yaëlle, from France. I always wanted to be part of a volunteer program and contribute to childrens' education. Therefore, when I found out about NK Seeds, I thought it would be the perfect match ! After travelling and working within Europe, such as in Amsterdam, I’ve improved my English level  and I was now keen to share my knowledge with the children. Being an English teacher is a truly gratifying experience ! Moreover, NK Seeds was a great opportunity to be involved into an ecological project, which is closely related to my previous work experience and my personal interest.



Hi, I’m Florine, from Béthune, north of France. I’m currently doing a gap year between my two years of Master’s degree in Management. I’ve always wanted to help people and spending my free time to do something useful. Education takes an important place in my life like a window opening to the world. That’s why NK Seeds was perfect to me ! When I found out about this project I felt I really wanted to be be involved in Lao children’s learning. I’m glad I can make a contribution to make the world better in my own small way. Being a volunteer will probably represent one of my greatest life experience's. 



Hello ! I’m Clémence, I’m 22 and I’m from Lille (north of France). After 2 years of preparatory class, I graduated from my bachelor and first year of Master’s degree in Management, I’ve always wanted to have a gap year. My motivations ? I needed to go back to real things, to feel useful, to grow up and give my time... so, to get involved in NK Seeds was an excellent opportunity . The human dimension of the project, its relevance and direct work with children met my hopes and dreams 

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