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Installation of garbage cans at strategic locations

We have placed waste bins dedicated to plastic waste at strategic locations in the city (stadium, riverbanks, near the school, etc). Once per week we collect the full bins and replace them with empty ones.

Collection twice a month with the students

Every other Saturday, we choose a space degraded by waste and with all the volunteers we organize a collection. The children of the village and all those wishing to join us are welcome.



Plastic (thermoplastics) are further grouped in seven different subcategories often referred to as plastic types. Each plastic type has its specific chemical composition, properties and applications and is given a specific number, called SPI code to differentiate between them. Today, most manufacturers should follow this coding system and place the SPI code on their products, usually stamped at the bottom of the product.

Knowing what plastic type you’re working with is crucial !

The different plastic types are :

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Separation is done manually, for each type of plastic, the SPI code must be identified and grouped by type.

Once the different types of plastics have been sorted, you can sort within the same type of plastic, plastic by color. We can then subsequently, by melting the plastic, play with the colors of our recycle objects...

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