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He collected 365€  for NK English School!

Sebastien came as a volunteer to NK English School in December 2019. 

After his return to France, for his 41st birthday, he created a crowdfunding campaign on Facebook and offered NK English School all the money collected.

Last year, I came to NK English School to volunteer. What an amazing experience! I met the founder, Melissa, and all the team. Since then, I have kept in touch with them and I continue to follow their activities on social media. As I know it's a really good project with honest people, I wanted to help them. So I decided to create a campaign for my birthday to collect more money than I could have given by myself. I shared it on Facebook and my friends and family were very receptive. In total I collected 365€. I was really happy to "Give my birthday" for such a good cause. It was the best gift I could have.

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