Do you want to create Extraordinary Changes?

Come aboard NK SEEDS ship and get involved in an educational project for the economic development of a territory that respects its environment.

Every person, regardless of ages, status, or nationality has the capacity to create changes in the world.

Then, why shouldn't we be the change we'd like to see in the world TOGETHER?



We currently have two branches in our organization NK SEEDS:

  • EDUCATION: gives free daily English courses for children and young adults of Nong Khiaw and the surrounding area with NK English School, and supports the youth by giving them the opportunity to access to education with NK School for ALL.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: aims to make young people aware of ecology and to have eco-responsible actions by collecting and recycling plastic and paper waste with NK Environment.


Come aboard for an extraordinary human experience. Volunteering positions are great for people of all ages, from recent college graduates to retirees seeking meaningful opportunities to share their knowledge and experience.

Volunteers don't necessarily need experience teaching English or working with children. We are looking for open-minded volunteers with a responsible attitude and a willingness to help, who are interested in sharing knowledge and stories. We would love to learn about your culture and Lao people share their culture with you.

Students are excited to meet English speakers from all over the world!

Daily English lessons

Our students are divided into 7 classes. Every Monday each volunteer is assigned 3 classes that they will remain in for the entire week.

Volunteers are divided into two teams and teach only 3 hours per day (from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM) with support from our local teachers.

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Help us in our action outside Nong Khiaw

We also would like to develop our action in the surrounding villages such as English classes, donations of equipment, facilities etc.

Indeed, with the development of tourism in Nong Khiaw. The local population has more means than the small villages around it. After visiting several of them, it was sadly noted that they were sorely lacking in educational infrastructure.

With your help we can develop our program NK School for ALL in Nong Khiaw and beyond. This includes supporting all aspects or primary education including buildings and educational materials.


You want to do something good for the planet?


Join us in a project that makes sense!

Become an active person and help us to recycle paper and plastic waste from Nong Khiaw.

Help with the eco project

NK Environment aims to make young people aware of ecology and to clean up the environment by collecting and recycling plastic waste. The impact of this project will be ecological, sanitary, beneficial for biodiversity and educational.

Our first step is to transform the site where volunteers live into a zero waste and organic site.

  • composting facilities

  • vegetable gardens watered with rainwater

  • paper recycling facilities

  • plastic recycling facilities

  • cost study to install solar panels.

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About Accommodation

NK SEEDS offers free accommodation ONLY

You get to sleep into provided bungalows.


Every bungalow is equipped with a fen, bedding and private bathroom.

If you want to cook, we have a common kitchen withcooking facilities.

Food is available on the daily markets or in the local restaurants. We also have different discounts with some restaurants when you show your volunteer name tag.



In order to help us run NK SEEDS to pay the charges (water, electricity, faulty equipment...), you are invited to make a donation of the amount you wish.



  • Minimum stay of 1 month.

  • Arrival day is on Sunday afternoon (after 5 p.m) and depart day is on Sunday morning (before 11 a.m).


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