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Today only 9% of the nine billion tonnes of plastic the world has produced has been recycled. The issue of plastic in the world and especially in Asia is a major one.

NK SEEDS was already raising awareness of the ecological cause through Saturday morning activities and paper recycling. 

We wanted to go further. 

In collaboration with the PlastOK project, itself inspired by the "Precious plastic" movement, we built different plastic recycling machines.

We collect plastic waste from the village of Nong Khiaw and transform it into new functional objects. The proceeds from the sales are directly injected into NK SEEDS.

We transform plastic bottle caps into cute elephant key rings and school rulers!



Note : To create some objects from recycle plastic, you will need :


  • plastic

  • an injector

  • a mold 




1 →  Collect some objects made out of plastic


2 →  Cut it in small pieces


3 →  Put those pieces in the recycling machine


4 →  Wait a bit to let the plastic melt


5 →  Put the mold under the machine


6 →  Press the handle strong and fast, so the plastic can spread in the mold correctly


7 → Open the mold and take the object you have just created!