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Within our NK School for All program, we support several schools around Nong Khiaw in order to provide better learning conditions for students. 


Thanks to our partner MAPED and donations, we can provide several schools with sport equipment and school supplies such as pens, pencils, crayons, erasers etc.

Every summer and winter our team goes on missions to several villages in Muang Ngoi district to bring school supplies and rehabilitate schools.


We have already helped more than 1500 students through our program.

During our missions we have seen that most of the schools lack basic necessities. The students live in difficult conditions, which affects their working conditions.


Through our program NK School for ALL we want to help these students by providing them with the necessity items.
On our return to Laos in June 2022, we organized a visit to a school located 45 minutes from Nong Khiaw. 150 students study in this school of which 80 of them sleep in a "dormitory" in very precarious conditions.
We have helped this school by giving each child a mattress, a blanket, a pillow and a mosquito net. 

Here is a video of the project that we have carried out in the village of Pholouang.



List of all the schools we helped :

  • Pak Bak Primary School, Muang Ngoi District 

School material

  • Thangchong Primary School, Beng District

School supplies and sports equipment 

  • Houay Primary School, Muang Ngoi District 

Warm clothes, school materials and snacks

  • Primary school of Nong Ien village, Muang Ngoi District

Warm clothes, school materials and snacks

  • Primary school of Phou Luang Thai, Muang Ngoi District

School material and clothes

  • Phou Louang Primary and Secondary School, Muang Ngoi District

School supplies and sports equipment 

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