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What is sponsorship?

Sponsoring a child means supporting financially the studies or a defined project of a child in need. In addition to the academic aspect, NK SEEDS also aims to support the children's families to make their living conditions better and more conducive to learning.

20% of children in Laos do not finish elementary school

The reason for this is that school fees are often too high for families who are forced to take their children out of school. 

We quickly realized that this problem is widespread throughout the country. In addition to the lack of education, the children live in extremely precarious situations. Some do not eat every day and do not have a roof over their heads.


NK SEEDS launches this sponsorship project allowing you to help hundreds of children and families in a transparent and trustworthy way.

Sponsor a student with NK SEEDS

The special thing about sponsorship at NK SEEDS is that we guarantee 100% of the donation to the child and his/her project. In fact, we do not charge any processing fees or operating costs. If your monthly donation is 10€, the child will receive 10€.

Furthermore, the budget is clearly detailed and personal to each child. Our team in Laos meets each family and determines with them what their needs are.

My relationship with my sponsored child

By sponsoring a child, you will have the opportunity to form a real bond with your sponsored child. 

In most cases, the children do not speak English. Thanks to Ken, our Lao project manager, who also speaks French and English, you will be able to easily communicate and stay in touch with your godchild.

Amount of the donation

Every situation is different, as is the budget. In general, to finance a child's schooling, the donation amount is between 4-20€ per month.

Depending on your monthly budget, we can assign you a specific project.

Contact us


Fill out the form below so that we can call you back and present the project in more detail and begin the rich human experience that is sponsorship!

Merci de votre soutien !

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