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An English teacher came to share his methods acquired during an entire teaching career!

I had been teaching English for 20 years and I felt the need to take a step back in order to think about my practice and eventually renew it. That is why I decided to take a gap year and go travelling. Looking on the internet I came across NK Seeds and simply apply as a volunteer. Their ambition is to teach English to Lao children and students but also to support young Lao teachers. As an experienced teacher I have found myself in the position of a councelor. I helped the Lao teachers and volunteers to prepare the lesson of the day, sharing my experience and skills. This new role I enjoyed tremendously, especially as I could see the Lao teachers were eager to learn teaching skills and technics and seeked advice on their own practice in order to improve it.

Certainly a big step out of my comfort zone !

Great time, great talks, great encounters and most of all great fun thanks to a team of great people !

Emma is an English teacher at the college in France. She decided to join NK SEEDS to share her experience with our Laotian teachers.

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