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They create a fundraising campaign and involved Tya's primary school!


What prompted you to get involved in our organization? 

Jennyfer: Tya is in a bilingual school in France. It's a school that welcomes children from kindergarten up to primary school. Through social media and the videos that you share, it was easy to follow the journey of the "family" and friendly spirit of the NK English School. 


Tya: My mother always told me that we have to share and help others. I wanted to help Melissa because in Laos the children are poor and the parents can’t pay for everything.   


What is your favourite part of this fundraising campaign?

Jennyfer: All of the preparation. The fact that Tya’s school director is involved in our project and is proud of her student's commitment. It has been a challenge for Tya as she is very shy, but her teacher managed to convince her to give a presentation to all of the elementary classes. I am very proud, and my favourite moment will be when the books arrive at their destination. 


Tya: My favourite part was the poster I made to present to my classmates. Education is important to me because it brings knowledge, open minds, and creates strong values. It will provide the opportunity to access higher education and turn the NK student’s dreams into reality! School is important to learn, English is important to travel and have a good job. 


What message would you like to convey? 

Jennyfer: Learning a language is a chance to open up to the world, it's the key to the future. 


Tya: To give the children of NK English school the means to learn English. That's what it's all about. 

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