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Amandine, volunteer

I met Melissa randomly at Couleurs Café in November 2019. At first my plan was to stay only one night in Nong Khiaw, but finally I decided to stay a few more weeks to become a volunteer for the NK SEEDS project. All those moments brought up a mixture of feelings, sharing emotions and meeting great people. With all the volunteers from all over the world we have shared precious moments, our culture with the kids, taught English through playing games, built furniture and tried to improve environmental awareness. The NK SEEDS project initiative in the village is important and can change a lot for the people living here. Thanks for what you are doing. 


Agnès, volunteer

I had a wonderful time in Nong Khiaw with NK Seeds. Lao students are really eager to learn, it was amazing to work with them. As a teacher, it was really interesting to see others ways to provide education. Besides from the school, the NK SEEDS team is a great family and I felt at home there after just a few hours and the village is so lovely. I hope I will be able to go back there one day!


Alexis, volunteer

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