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Do you want to create Extraordinary Changes?

Come aboard NK SEEDS ship and get involved in an educational project for the economic development of a community that respects its environment.

Every person, regardless of ages, status, or nationality has the capacity to create changes in the world.

Then, why shouldn't we be the change we'd like to see in the world TOGETHER?



We currently have three branches in our organization NK SEEDS:

  • EDUCATION: gives free daily English courses for children and young adults of Nong Khiaw and the surrounding area with NK English School, and supports the youth by giving them the opportunity to access to education with NK School for ALL.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: aims to make young people aware of ecology and to have eco-responsible actions by collecting and recycling plastic and paper waste with NK Environment.

  • SOLIDARITY : supports local communities by providing schools, villages, hospitals them better life conditions.

Come aboard for an extraordinary human experience. Volunteering positions are great for people of all ages, from recent college graduates to retirees seeking meaningful opportunities to share their knowledge and experience.

Volunteers don't necessarily need experience in teaching English or working with children. We are looking for open-minded volunteers with a responsible attitude and a willingness to help, who are interested in sharing knowledge and stories. We would love to learn about your culture and  share the Lao culture with you.

Students are excited to meet English speakers from all over the world!

Daily English lessons


NK English School offers free English classes to the children and young adults of Nong Khiaw and the surroundings areas.


Our main goal is to give the local community the opportunity to learn English for free. We currently hold English classes five afternoons per week with over 150 students registered. 

The English courses take place from Monday to Friday and are divided into 6 groups. Our students are aged from 6 to 20 years old.

Our purpose is to give them the opportunity to access additional English education in a friendly environment, where traditional learning is coupled with a set of activities that allow them to put their lessons into practice in a dynamic and fun way.


Our English programs have been validated by the village's Ministry of Education. We have 2 local teachers who ensure Lao/English translation and vice versa, which ensures a better understanding for the students. As our students are divided into 6 classes, each volunteer is assigned 3 classes that they will remain in for the entire stay in our school.


Volunteers are divided into two teams and teach only 3 hours per day (from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM) with support from our local teachers. Their main role is to assist the teachers during the classes. For the students, it’s a plus. They are very excited to learn with foreigners from all over the world.


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You want to do something good for the planet?


Join us in a project that makes sense!

Become an active person and help us to recycle paper and plastic waste from Nong Khiaw.

Help with the eco project

NK Environment aims to make young people aware of ecology and to clean up the environment by collecting and recycling plastic waste. The impact of this project will be ecological, sanitary, beneficial for biodiversity and educational.

Our first step is to transform the site where volunteers live into a zero waste and organic site.

  • Paper and plastic recycling

  • Creation of ecological awareness courses

  • Land development 

  • Organization of waste collection 


Within our NK School for All pole, we help several schools around Nong Khiaw in order to give better learning conditions to the students. 

During our missions, we have noticed that most of the schools lack basic materials and the students live in difficult conditions, which influences their working conditions. 
In addition to donating school supplies and sports equipment to the schools, we support these students by providing them necessary items such as mattresses, cushions, mosquito nets, blankets and food.




Every morning the volunteers and teachers meet at 9am in the office. For a good hour and a half, the volunteers prepare the afternoon's lessons and activities, according to the weekly topic. We have a wide range of manuals, books, games and online courses that the volunteers can use for the preparation.

Then at 10.30 a.m., it's time for crafts. Depending on the skills of each volunteer, they are given several assignments each week. For example, making new furniture for the site, renovating the bungalows, taking care of the garden, recycling paper and plastic with our recycling machines, managing the social networks, preparing the Saturday night charity event, etc.

12.30 pm is break time. Volunteers have lunch and free time to rest, visit the surroundings and enjoy the water activities on the river until 4pm.

At 4pm, it is time for classes. Volunteers and teachers head to the school for lessons until 7.30 pm.

What's Included ?

  • bed in a shared bungalow (2 persons)

  • breakfast and lunch during teaching days (5 days per week)

  • Wi-Fi

  • unlimited free drinking water, coffee and tea

  • housekeeping every Sunday


Volunteers sleep in provided bungalows or rooms.

Every room is equipped with a fan, bedding and private bathroom. 

We have a common kitchen with cooking facilities.


Food & Beverages

We provide volunteers breakfast and lunch on teaching days.

We have a restaurant on site with occidental and lao food (vegetarian meals available). We have unlimited free drinking water (hot and cold).

Internet Access

Good access at the project site


Costs: Prices in EUR

2 weeks (min. stay): 112€

3 weeks :  168€

13 weeks: 546€

Average fees : 56€/week



  • Minimum Age: 18 years

  • You need to stay at least 2 weeks

  • You need to speak English (intermediate level)

  • You need a proof of a travel insurance

  • You need a visa

  • Arrivals and departures are on Saturday




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